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Kayak Rental: A new perspective for your Lagoon visits

The comfortable and flamboyant LaguniAmo kayaks allow you to paddle through the lagoon canals and enjoy the landscape from a new and exciting point of view.

Row after row, you will increasingly appreciate the LaguniAmo kayaks as a means of transport to visit the Lagoon: easy to drive, unsinkable and stable, you can rent them single or double.

Kayaking is the favorite activity for groups of friends and families who want to have a fun, engaging and different from usual experience with the possibility of reaching one of the many farmhouses along the way and stopping for a typical lunch with friends.

Visiting the Lagoon with a Kayak allows you to appreciate its splendid biodiversity more closely, to observe the unique species of birds that inhabit it by practicing Birdwatching and breathing in the clean air of the Cavallino-Treporti lagoon park, away from the busy commercial routes.

Before departure, you will be provided with life jackets and, on request, a comfortable waterproof bag to keep your items safe during the outing.
We will provide you with a detailed map of the routes in the surroundings and we will show you the routes along which it is possible to get off the kayak for a refreshing stop in the middle of the Lagoon


LaguniAmo also organizes original and fun Kayak excursions among the wild canals of the Lagoon.
An expert local guide will guide you on a unique experience in the Lagoon: you will discover breathtaking places and live an exciting and memorable adventure.