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Kayak excursions in the Venetian Lagoon

Guided Kayak tours to discover the wild soul of the Lagoon in complete safety and simplicity.

All the kayak excursions have the aim of making you discover the hidden and enchanted places of the Venetian Lagoon, surrounded by nature and the calm of the lagoon waters, making you have fun and fall in love with this wonderful corner of paradise.

The itineraries include naturalistic passages within historic lagoon valleys, with shallow waters and are very far away from the area busy with boats and motorboats: you will be able to fully enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon.


Sunset by Kayak

Sunset by Kayak provides an easy and fast itinerary with departure 1 hour before sunset.
The breathtaking colors of the sky and the sounds of the lagoon in the sunset hour will make the atmosphere magical and exciting.
At the exact moment of sunset, the group will find itself inside an enchanting lagoon valley that will frame the descent of the fiery sun. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the moment and immortalize the experience with beautiful photos.

Finally, a good glass of fresh Prosecco to quench your body and mind!

Every Wednesday, departure times vary between 18.30 and 19.30.
Price € 25 per person, children under 13 € 15, children under 7 free.
Total duration of the excursion 2 hours.

Short Kayak tour

SHORT KAYAK TOUR is an easy and fast naturalistic excursion through the shallow waters of the Cavallino lagoon valleys.

Thanks to its short duration of 1 hour and a half, anyone can take part in it to discover a whole new world!
Guaranteed fun FOR EVERYONE!

Adults: € 18
children 7/14 years: € 12 years
children < 7 years: free

Falconera tour

Falconera Tour is the ultimate day tour: Kayak & ride around Falconera Island discovering the island's traditions and history. The farm is home to many animal friends of different species.
After the tour break, we return aboard the kayaks through a breathtaking route to return to Cavallino through the channels of the magical Falconera Valley.

Tuesday morning departure at 10.00 a.m. return at 1.00 p.m. approx. 3h
Price € 35 adults
Price € 25 (7/13) years
Free for children up to 6 years
Min 10 participants

Escursione Moonlight

Kayak Night Experience

Start at sunset, dinner at a local farmhouse and return in the dark!
The breathtaking lagoon sunset ride and the local fish dinner at the farmhouse already ensure the uniqueness of the experience, but the night route by kayak will be a sensational finale.

Close to every full moon night, the CANOE MOONLIGHT EXPERIENCE excursion allows you to admire the moon in all its splendor.
It will be the reflection of the moon on the water that will guide us through the canals. On some occasions, it is possible to admire fishes jumping out of the water, almost as if they wanted to dance under the moon!

These excursions will take place every two weeks, at the end of each moon phase (see calendar below).

Price 35 € per person (+ dinner in farmhouse 25 € per person)
Children 6/13 years 25 € per person
Free under 7 years
Departure between 18.30 and 19.30.
Total excursion duration 4/5 hours